Why we don't need to code to launch?
Why we don't need to code to launch?

Why we don't need to code to launch?

Alternative tools to coding have existed for a long time in the corner of the internet but has been popularised by Maker communities.

Essentially there are tools that reduce the amount of time and coding expertise required to translate an idea into something people can use.


Arguably, building on the internet, was something that favoured people who could code or afford to hire a developer.

If you’ve got an idea and you are passionate about doing something you want to get to a place where you can get going without having to do all this other work first.

Building on the internet is a way to get your ideas, business or services out.

So what are the alternatives? 🤔

Before I ever heard of No Code, I heard people talking about:

  • Hiring someone on Upwork 💼
  • Finding a technical co-founder 🔍⏳
  • Spending years slothing through tutorials, joining bootcamps or getting a computer science degree 😫

People underestimate how much work building proprietary software takes and a lot of work goes into maintaining software 😅.


But in the early days, wouldn't you want to spend more time understanding who your high expectation customer is, testing out your value proposition, building important supply chain relationships or improving your workflow to help you scale?

These are all things that take a hit when a non-technical person focuses on learning to code instead of getting your first 10 customers.

So what's the point of not forcing yourself to code if you don't have to?

Whilst it's many things to many people. For me it's about being able to solve problems for your target audience quicker.

Coding will always allow you to do more technically, but using tools that do the heavy lifting will always allow you to do more financially (making it more viable).

Want to find out what tools will work for you?

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